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Friday, October 13th, 2006
2:04 pm - Helloworld

Hey all,
Helloworld v. 5.0 is up and running. They are still working out a few bugs but it's excellent. FO those of you that aren't familiar with Helloworld, that's the Streaming video mail and Streaming video IM community. It may be possible to get a 30 day trial for anyone who has a webcam and would like to try it out. Let me know, I have a few codes left.
Anyone who would like to see what it's about go to www.getworldpassport.com/havaguppy

Have fun,

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
5:28 am - A New High Tech Web Community

There's a great new web community for personal or business networking. It utilizes revolutinary streaming video technology. Streaming video is TV quality video, like the music videos or news report that you can view on the web, only you create these yourself with NO long upload or download times whether you have a high speed or a dial-up conection. And this is as easy a "Record-Stop-Send".

To see for yourself just go to www.helloworld.com/havaguppy and click on the "Join Now" in the upper right corner. Don't worry, that doesn't mean you have to join and there are no gimmicks. It takes you to a page that shows you sample streaming videos and explains what you get with with Helloworld. If you like LJ or MySpace, this is worth the look.


A hint of what you get:

Streaming Video V-mail
Streaming video Instant Messenger with upto 4 people
Streaming video Live Webcasting
Pay-per-view Webcasting
Internet TV
Personalized web page
Personal Blog
Personal 5gb media storage
Personal web organizer

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Sunday, September 10th, 2006
1:15 pm - New Streaming Video V-mial & Streaming Video IM service


Hey all,
I signed up with this STREAMING Videom mail & Streming Video Instant messenger. It's hot. It blows every other im service I have seen away. If you live on the web as much as I do, It's worth a look.


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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
10:18 pm - Can you belive this....

ount erie [8:21 PM]: you DO know that it's spelled "journal" not "jounarl" right?
Assilem247 [8:21 PM]: Ya....what's the url I need to fix.
ount erie [8:21 PM]: the entire page of your links
ount erie [8:22 PM]: im dream of horse's friend
ount erie [8:22 PM]: your journal is so gay
Assilem247 [8:22 PM]: Thanks.
ount erie [8:22 PM]: like
ount erie [8:22 PM]: i think it's a joke
ount erie [8:22 PM]: and then i realize youre serious
ount erie [8:22 PM]: and then i want to die
Assilem247 [8:22 PM]: Well it's not.
ount erie [8:22 PM]: i know thats what sucks
ount erie [8:22 PM]: im sorry
ount erie [8:22 PM]: but come on
ount erie [8:22 PM]: your're trying to give people seizure's with that background
ount erie [8:23 PM]: the lightning bolts and such
Assilem247 [8:23 PM]: Lol...
Assilem247 [8:23 PM]: Is that what you think is "gay" about it?
ount erie [8:23 PM]: the icon is pretty gay too
ount erie [8:23 PM]: that cat isn't funny
ount erie [8:23 PM]: just stupid
Assilem247 [8:23 PM]: Well maybe cuz I'm stupid too.
ount erie [8:24 PM]: CCccCrrAaaAzzzZZyyYYy?
Assilem247 [8:24 PM]: So?
ount erie [8:25 PM]: i dont know
ount erie [8:25 PM]: i dont mean to be a dick
Assilem247 [8:25 PM]: I never said you were.
ount erie [8:25 PM]: but emily said quite eloquently, that you were annoying
ount erie [8:25 PM]: i went to see if i agreed
ount erie [8:25 PM]: and man
ount erie [8:26 PM]: at least it's a nice read
Assilem247 [8:26 PM]: If that's so then why doesn't she get the guts to say it?
Assilem247 [8:26 PM]: Well no one is making you guys read my journal.
Assilem247 [8:27 PM]: Also if she is so discussed by my journal then why be my LJ frenid?
ount erie [8:27 PM]: i dunno
Assilem247 [8:28 PM]: Ok...
Assilem247 [8:29 PM]: Prehaps.
ount erie [8:30 PM]: its "perhaps"
Assilem247 [8:30 PM]: Prehaps it is.
ount erie [8:30 PM]: touche, salesman
Assilem247 [8:30 PM]: Huh?
ount erie [8:31 PM]: nevermind
ount erie [8:31 PM]: im gone
ount erie [8:31 PM]: later happy new year
Assilem247 [8:32 PM]: U2
Assilem247 [8:33 PM]: By the way if emily finds me anyony have her say it to my face...then I can remove her from my buddy list.
ount erie [8:33 PM]: shut up
ount erie [8:33 PM]: dont talk about my dad like that
Assilem247 [8:33 PM]: What?
Assilem247 [8:34 PM]: I didn't know she was your father. Also I didn't say anything bad.
ount erie [8:34 PM]: NOT THAT FATHER
Assilem247 [8:35 PM]: Doesn't Dad and father mean the same thing?
ount erie [8:35 PM]: no
ount erie [8:35 PM]: wtf
ount erie [8:35 PM]: do you like the shins?
Assilem247 [8:35 PM]: Never heard of them.
ount erie [8:35 PM]: DO YOU LIKE THE SHINS?
Assilem247 [8:37 PM]: I don't know they are so I dunno.
ount erie [8:37 PM]: do you like death cab for cutie?
Assilem247 [8:38 PM]: Dunno them...I think I heard of them...but dunno once again.
ount erie [8:39 PM]: do you like the rockettes?
Assilem247 [8:40 PM]: Heard of them...but never seen them.
Assilem247 [8:40 PM]: So I dunno once again.
ount erie [8:40 PM]: do you like linkin park?
Assilem247 [8:40 PM]: Yes!
ount erie [8:40 PM]: what about the flaming lips?
Assilem247 [8:41 PM]: Never hard of them.
ount erie [8:41 PM]: do you like the decemberists?
Assilem247 [8:41 PM]: Never heard of them.
ount erie [8:42 PM]: do you like belle and sebastian?
ount erie [8:43 PM]: do you like belle and sebastian?
Assilem247 [8:43 PM]: Never heard of them.
ount erie [8:43 PM]: do you like simple plan?
Assilem247 [8:43 PM]: yes.
ount erie [8:44 PM]: cool me too
Assilem247 [8:44 PM]: Kulz.
ount erie [8:44 PM]: what?
Assilem247 [8:44 PM]: Kulz = cool
ount erie [8:44 PM]: huh?
Assilem247 [8:45 PM]: Never mind.
ount erie [8:47 PM]: no i wanna know
Assilem247 [8:47 PM]: Kulz means cool as in thats nice.
ount erie [8:47 PM]: what does that mean though
ount erie [8:48 PM]: is what im asking
Assilem247 [8:48 PM]: I just told you.
Assilem247 [8:48 PM]: It means thats nice.
Assilem247 [8:48 PM]: You used cool yourself, so you use words you don't know the meaning of?
ount erie [8:49 PM]: you confuse me
Assilem247 [8:49 PM]: As I do often.
ount erie [8:49 PM]: you dont confuse me often
ount erie [8:49 PM]: youve only confused me once or twice
Assilem247 [8:50 PM]: Acculay I was refering to confusing most people often.
Assilem247 [8:50 PM]: Not to you in particular.
ount erie [8:50 PM]: well that's certainly a self loathing, cliched teenage apathy statement
ount erie [8:50 PM]: stop wallowing in depression and listen to a pavement record
ount erie [8:50 PM]: i used to be like that
ount erie [8:51 PM]: and it didn't get me anywhere
Assilem247 [8:51 PM]: I can't afford it.
ount erie [8:51 PM]: huh?
Assilem247 [8:51 PM]: The cd.
ount erie [8:51 PM]: im saying, listen to some decent music
ount erie [8:51 PM]: it helps
ount erie [8:51 PM]: affording it isnt my point
ount erie [8:51 PM]: my point is, to educate yourself to the world around you
ount erie [8:51 PM]: it isnt so bad
Assilem247 [8:51 PM]: I do.
ount erie [8:52 PM]: and im sure you arent so bad either
ount erie [8:52 PM]: so no reason to make people think youre a sad depressed loser
Assilem247 [8:52 PM]: I'm mostly depressed becuse I am disponited in myself.
ount erie [8:52 PM]: oh shut up
ount erie [8:52 PM]: then do something about it
ount erie [8:52 PM]: what are you disappointed about
Assilem247 [8:52 PM]: Everything.
ount erie [8:52 PM]: like?
Assilem247 [8:52 PM]: I screw up everything I do.
Assilem247 [8:53 PM]: I'm 18 without a job... And I've never had one.
Assilem247 [8:53 PM]: *Loser*
ount erie [8:53 PM]: you talked about a job in your journal
ount erie [8:53 PM]: why cant you get a job?
Assilem247 [8:53 PM]: Ya thats not even a real job... I worked one day...
Assilem247 [8:53 PM]: And my sunday job is more like babysiting not a job.
Assilem247 [8:53 PM]: I dunno people just won't hire me.
ount erie [8:55 PM]: why?
ount erie [8:55 PM]: MAYBE its cause of your SHITTY attitude
ount erie [8:55 PM]: and i bet you carry yourself like shit too
ount erie [8:55 PM]: why would someone want to hire someone like that?
ount erie [8:55 PM]: you can change that
Assilem247 [8:55 PM]: I guess.
ount erie [8:55 PM]: stop it
ount erie [8:55 PM]: i hate seeing people like that
ount erie [8:55 PM]: even though i just met you
ount erie [8:55 PM]: i HATE seeing people sit around feeling sorry for themselves
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: I don't know what your expecting of me.
ount erie [8:56 PM]: they do NOT get my sympathy, or anyone else's sympathy
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: I'm just caught in the undertoe.
ount erie [8:56 PM]: shut the hell up
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: Lol.
ount erie [8:56 PM]: you live in AMERICA
ount erie [8:56 PM]: you can dust yourself off just fine young lady
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: And so do a billion other people.
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: I know.
ount erie [8:56 PM]: 500 million, actually
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: I'll get a job.
Assilem247 [8:56 PM]: Dw...
ount erie [8:56 PM]: thats the spirit
Assilem247 [8:57 PM]: I just hatta get out of what I'm dealing with now, and I'll be fine.
ount erie [8:57 PM]: and what would that be
Assilem247 [8:57 PM]: That's the spirit? I've always had this spirit....
Assilem247 [8:57 PM]: You read my journal...you should know.
ount erie [8:58 PM]: i didnt really
ount erie [8:58 PM]: i breezed through
Assilem247 [8:58 PM]: Intersting.
Assilem247 [8:59 PM]: Are you going to watse your time thinking... thinks are never going to be quite what you what you want.
ount erie [9:00 PM]: did you just quote jimmy eat world?
Assilem247 [9:00 PM]: Lol It's on 89x
ount erie [9:00 PM]: im still trying to figure out what youre "dealing with now"
Assilem247 [9:01 PM]: What is most "teenagers" dealing with?
ount erie [9:01 PM]: depression?
ount erie [9:01 PM]: angst?
ount erie [9:01 PM]: for all the wrong, shallow reasons?
Assilem247 [9:01 PM]: ...
ount erie [9:02 PM]: did you graduate?
Assilem247 [9:02 PM]: Your listing the effects....
Assilem247 [9:02 PM]: The cause is what your looking for.
Assilem247 [9:02 PM]: And I did graduate.
ount erie [9:02 PM]: ok good
ount erie [9:02 PM]: well they can be dealing with angst and depression...
ount erie [9:02 PM]: you asked what teenagers are DEALING with
ount erie [9:02 PM]: did you break up w/ ur bf omg?
Assilem247 [9:03 PM]: Only had one..we did brake up , but that was a long time ago.
Assilem247 [9:03 PM]: I was 13...and he was 17...it was just stupied.
ount erie [9:03 PM]: wow thats fucked up
Assilem247 [9:04 PM]: :-P
ount erie [9:04 PM]: anyway could you just get to the thing thats bugging you
ount erie [9:04 PM]: and stop being vague
Assilem247 [9:04 PM]: People.
Assilem247 [9:05 PM]: More of people's closemindness.
Assilem247 [9:06 PM]: Insluts from my mother....And other that just make me feel worthless.
ount erie [9:06 PM]: what does she insult you about/for
Assilem247 [9:06 PM]: Everything...
Assilem247 [9:06 PM]: I guess she just doesn't undersand me or sothing.
Assilem247 [9:07 PM]: Ok enough about me...I know nothing of you.
Assilem247 [9:07 PM]: Only that you find my journal "gay" and you like simple plan.
ount erie [9:07 PM]: i dont like simple plan
ount erie [9:07 PM]: i despise simple plan
ount erie [9:07 PM]: my name is ben
ount erie [9:07 PM]: i run storybook records
ount erie [9:08 PM]: im 16
ount erie [9:08 PM]: i play in summertown
ount erie [9:08 PM]: that's about it
Assilem247 [9:08 PM]: Inpressive....
ount erie [9:08 PM]: thank you
ount erie [9:08 PM]: two new releases february 28th
ount erie [9:08 PM]: mark your calendar
Assilem247 [9:09 PM]: k
ount erie [9:09 PM]: heh
ount erie [9:09 PM]: not literally
Assilem247 [9:09 PM]: Huh?
ount erie [9:10 PM]: nevermind
ount erie [9:10 PM]: are you in college?
Assilem247 [9:10 PM]: Not nevermind explian.
ount erie [9:11 PM]: i didnt mean literally mark your calendars
Assilem247 [9:11 PM]: Oh okays.
Assilem247 [9:11 PM]: Do you have a LJ?
ount erie [9:11 PM]: no
ount erie [9:12 PM]: well yes i do
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: Intersting.
ount erie [9:12 PM]: but i like to keep my friends page streamlined to only people i know
ount erie [9:12 PM]: so nothing personal
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: Scaried you will get people like your self dissing your journal like you did to me?
ount erie [9:13 PM]: no
ount erie [9:13 PM]: i dont give people reason to dis my journal
Assilem247 [9:13 PM]: Deep down you hide,,, and now I wait.
ount erie [9:13 PM]: im not hiding shit, hon
ount erie [9:13 PM]: www.livejournal.com/users/ount_erie ount erie [9:13 PM]: just dont add me
Assilem247 [9:14 PM]: You just call me hon?
Assilem247 [9:14 PM]: *rolls her eyes*
ount erie [9:14 PM]: its a turn of phrase, kiddo
ount erie [9:14 PM]: youre not good with sarcasm, are you
Assilem247 [9:14 PM]: A phrase I don't like to be called.
ount erie [9:14 PM]: well its better than
ount erie [9:14 PM]: im not hiding shit, moron
Assilem247 [9:15 PM]: Defenive are we?
ount erie [9:15 PM]: no just easily annoyed
Assilem247 [9:16 PM]: Intersting.
ount erie [9:16 PM]: god
ount erie [9:16 PM]: its spelled INTERESTING
Assilem247 [9:16 PM]: Well if that's the case no one is frocing you to talk to me.
ount erie [9:16 PM]: i was trying to help you out a bit
Assilem247 [9:16 PM]: So I can't spell... big deal.
ount erie [9:16 PM]: cheer you up
ount erie [9:16 PM]: you sound like a sad, sad, kid
ount erie [9:17 PM]: ill be on my way if you like, then
Assilem247 [9:17 PM]: I'm not a sad kid...just suffering from what life has given me.
Assilem247 [9:17 PM]: You do as you please, if you want to leave then do so, if you injoy talking to me then do so.
ount erie [9:17 PM]: life's given you a roof over your head and a high school degree
ount erie [9:17 PM]: not everything can be fucking handed to you
Assilem247 [9:18 PM]: I don't expect it to be.
ount erie [9:18 PM]: until you wake up and realize that you gotta work and stop feeling sorry for yourself
ount erie [9:18 PM]: youll be sad
ount erie [9:18 PM]: if you dont take any initiative, then good fucking riddance
Assilem247 [9:18 PM]: I don't feel sorry for myself.... I'm mad at myself and everyone suffers...it's just a part of life.
Assilem247 [9:19 PM]: You asume to much.
ount erie [9:19 PM]: i probably do
ount erie [9:20 PM]: but everything i said can still be applied
ount erie [9:20 PM]: im outta here
Assilem247 [9:20 PM]: GL & hf.
ount erie [9:20 PM]: good luck and have fun?
Assilem247 [9:20 PM]: Yes.
ount erie [9:20 PM]: im about to get nice and drunk on whiskey
ount erie [9:20 PM]: you bet your ass ill be having fun
Assilem247 [9:20 PM]: ...
ount erie [9:20 PM]: not a good night
Assilem247 [9:20 PM]: *roll her eyes*
ount erie [9:21 PM]: im kidding...........
ount erie [9:21 PM]: god
ount erie [9:21 PM]: bye
ount erie signed off at 9:21 PM

current mood: depressed

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
4:58 pm - Lol...

Random IM of me telling people to go to school...At 5pm... (where talking highschool kids people)
Assilem247 [4:56 PM]: GO TO SCHOOL!
KSTLeVeC [4:56 PM]: uhhh
KSTLeVeC [4:56 PM]: its 4 55?
Assilem247 [4:58 PM]: GO TO SCHOOL!
KSTLeVeC [4:58 PM]: i did
KSTLeVeC [4:58 PM]: smart one
KSTLeVeC [4:58 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [4:59 PM]: U go to school now
Assilem247 [4:59 PM]: GO TO SCHOOL NOW!
KSTLeVeC [4:59 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [4:59 PM]: y?
KSTLeVeC [4:59 PM]: i already did
Assilem247 [4:59 PM]: I don't care!
Assilem247 [4:59 PM]: GO AGAIN!
KSTLeVeC [5:00 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [5:00 PM]: shut up
Assilem247 [5:00 PM]: Don't you talk to me like that young man!
Assilem247 [5:00 PM]: DON"T BE A FOOL GO TO SCHOOL!
KSTLeVeC [5:00 PM]: who r u?
Assilem247 [5:00 PM]: Your fat momma!
KSTLeVeC [5:01 PM]: MY MOMS DEAD!!!!
Assilem247 [5:01 PM]: I'm back from the dead!
Assilem247 [5:02 PM]: Son don't waste your tears on me waste them on some good old fashion SCHOOL!
KSTLeVeC [5:02 PM]: U WITCH!
Assilem247 [5:02 PM]: I didn't slave all day for you to become a bum! If you don't go are going back the the sweat shop!
Assilem247 [5:02 PM]: Where you will get it choped!
KSTLeVeC [5:03 PM]: that didnt even make since
Assilem247 [5:03 PM]: You are*
Assilem247 [5:03 PM]: If you don't go to school your going back to the sweat shop!
Assilem247 [5:03 PM]: Where your going to get choped!
Assilem247 [5:04 PM]: Get it*
KSTLeVeC [5:04 PM]: u really r a crappy typer
Assilem247 [5:04 PM]: Thanks.
KSTLeVeC [5:04 PM]: lol
Assilem247 [5:04 PM]: I never used a computer before...what do you expect!
Assilem247 [5:04 PM]: How dare you talk to your momma like that!
Assilem247 [5:05 PM]: :'(
KSTLeVeC [5:05 PM]: this is getting old
Assilem247 [5:05 PM]: Lol ok ok.
Assilem247 [5:05 PM]: So how you doing?
KSTLeVeC [5:05 PM]: heh...cant complain
Assilem247 [5:05 PM]: Good good.
KSTLeVeC [5:06 PM]: u?
Assilem247 [5:06 PM]: Really good.
KSTLeVeC [5:06 PM]: y?
Assilem247 [5:06 PM]: Cause.
KSTLeVeC [5:06 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [5:09 PM]: u just feel good?
Assilem247 [5:09 PM]: No there's reasons why.
KSTLeVeC [5:09 PM]: wait a minute....
KSTLeVeC [5:09 PM]: did u do sumtin with sum1?
KSTLeVeC [5:10 PM]: I KNEW IT!
Assilem247 [5:10 PM]: Nope.
KSTLeVeC [5:10 PM]: o
KSTLeVeC [5:10 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [5:10 PM]: i didnt think so really
KSTLeVeC [5:10 PM]: just messin with u
Assilem247 [5:11 PM]: Keep guessing.
KSTLeVeC [5:11 PM]: um
KSTLeVeC [5:11 PM]: no
Assilem247 [5:11 PM]: *Tears*
Assilem247 [5:11 PM]: YOu don't love me?
KSTLeVeC [5:11 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [5:11 PM]: jk
Assilem247 [5:11 PM]: LIES! LIES!
KSTLeVeC [5:11 PM]: still i dont like guessin much
Assilem247 [5:12 PM]: I got a job!
KSTLeVeC [5:12 PM]: kool
Assilem247 [5:13 PM]: And it's rainging!
Assilem247 [5:13 PM]: It has been all day!
Assilem247 [5:13 PM]: *Smiles*
Assilem247 [5:13 PM]: :-D
KSTLeVeC [5:13 PM]: and thats a good thing?
Assilem247 [5:14 PM]: Yes! It's so pretty.
Assilem247 [5:14 PM]: And wonderful! I love it.
Assilem247 [5:14 PM]: It makes me wanna sing.
KSTLeVeC [5:14 PM]: lol
Assilem247 [5:14 PM]: "I'm just singing in the rain! what a wonderful feeling I'm happy again"
Assilem247 [5:15 PM]: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
KSTLeVeC [5:21 PM]: lol
Assilem247 [5:22 PM]: *Smiles*
Assilem247 [5:22 PM]: It's sweet!
Assilem247 [5:23 PM]: You can go swiming!
KSTLeVeC [5:23 PM]: lol
Assilem247 [5:23 PM]: IN YOUR PJ's!
KSTLeVeC [5:23 PM]: lol
KSTLeVeC [5:23 PM]: or nutin at all
KSTLeVeC [5:23 PM]: lol
Assilem247 [5:23 PM]: Aww what fun is that?
Assilem247 [5:23 PM]: Then you can't get dirty!
Assilem247 [5:24 PM]: If you wear somthing you can get it dirty.
Assilem247 [5:24 PM]: If you don't the rain washes it away.
KSTLeVeC [5:24 PM]: actually then ur sumthing can get dirty
Assilem247 [5:24 PM]: What?
Assilem247 [5:24 PM]: Um sorry but I'm a girl last time I checked.
KSTLeVeC [5:25 PM]: i was talking about ur clothes would if u wore them
KSTLeVeC [5:25 PM]: sheesh
KSTLeVeC [5:25 PM]: dirty mind
Assilem247 [5:25 PM]: ...
Assilem247 [5:25 PM]: Whatever.
KSTLeVeC [5:25 PM]: lol
Assilem247 [5:26 PM]: Did you go to school yet?
KSTLeVeC [5:26 PM]: yes
KSTLeVeC [5:26 PM]: this morning
Assilem247 [5:26 PM]: After 5 pm!
Assilem247 [5:27 PM]: Boy why you going to school at 5 pm?
Assilem247 [5:27 PM]: ...5 am is not morning..
Assilem247 [5:27 PM]: pm*


current mood: energetic

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
2:51 am - Um...who is bob?

I scarred...This random person IMed me...and I have no clue who he is. He wanted to start a "talk session" with me. I declined cuz I didn't know who he was. Did I do the right thing? Anyone know him? Or have any ideas who he could be? I do know this...he uses AIM not AOL, and I'm not listed on the AIM directory so there is no way he could have random searched to find me. If you know anything thanks. Conversation follows...

Uhavebeenwalled [9:11 PM]: hi
Uhavebeenwalled [9:12 PM]: do u have a mic?
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: Yes...
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: Who are you?
Uhavebeenwalled [9:12 PM]: jus connect
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: ..ok...
ATTENTION [9:12 PM]: AOL Talk session initiated.
Uhavebeenwalled [9:12 PM]: speek
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: ...
Assilem247 [9:12 PM]: Who are you?
Uhavebeenwalled [9:13 PM]: bob
Uhavebeenwalled [9:13 PM]: y
Uhavebeenwalled [9:13 PM]: ?
ATTENTION [9:13 PM]: AOL Talk session has been disconnected.
Assilem247 [9:13 PM]: How did you get my SN?
Uhavebeenwalled [9:13 PM]: i forget
Assilem247 [9:14 PM]: And you name is bob?

current mood: scared

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
9:09 pm

why hello there! i'm a new kid and i just had a conversation.

zobijobiboo: hi this is grandma
xXxDisTillEdxXx: lol
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ok
zobijobiboo: quite frankly, i'm sick and tired of animal pornography
xXxDisTillEdxXx: yeah well quit doing it then
xXxDisTillEdxXx: haha
zobijobiboo: you know,on all children's television shows such a dragnet and Zoobinart??
zobijobiboo: they're all naked
xXxDisTillEdxXx: huh?
zobijobiboo: all of the animals? they are just naked
xXxDisTillEdxXx: so wut?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: they have fur
zobijobiboo: but sometimes you see the dangly parts? EWWW!
xXxDisTillEdxXx: lol
zobijobiboo: and you know what else, dude?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: huh?
zobijobiboo: the midgets, they] come at sunrise
xXxDisTillEdxXx: only if u look to the east
zobijobiboo: i guess.... in my religion they bring me dove chocolate and sex toys
xXxDisTillEdxXx: sounds like a good religion
zobijobiboo: hey, things change, for everything else, there's mastercard
xXxDisTillEdxXx: wut is the point of all this?
zobijobiboo: need there be a point, my young jedi?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: umm no but every fire has its fuel
zobijobiboo: ahh, writing that down, zobi is
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ok
zobijobiboo: you know, i never did get a name?
zobijobiboo: dude, the shoe? it had a wang in it and my pee never was the same color.
xXxDisTillEdxXx: huh
xXxDisTillEdxXx: u never gave a name
zobijobiboo: the GAY FOOT FETISH SITE!! i got it from you.
xXxDisTillEdxXx: lol no that sum1 else
zobijobiboo: no it was you. i remember, you gave it to me at the mullet.
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ha
zobijobiboo: remember me you don't, obiwan???
xXxDisTillEdxXx: dude ur 1 funny mother fucker
zobijobiboo: i know. i won prom king back in last year
xXxDisTillEdxXx: huh
zobijobiboo: the naked children voted for me
zobijobiboo: you must not remember. remember my bulging biceps?
zobijobiboo: and my luxurious blonde hair?
zobijobiboo: i would make very very honorable husbandwife
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ha wut the fuc u talking abot
zobijobiboo: you know nothing about chinese culture, ling su?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: hate chinese
xXxDisTillEdxXx: sry
zobijobiboo: the midgets and the gay feet? there is a side that the young jedi must learn about at this age.
zobijobiboo: young jedi anti asia is he not?
zobijobiboo: you think you were random, young obiwan?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: no like the bitched
zobijobiboo: ah expletives are very very bad, young jedi
zobijobiboo: (hohoho green giant!)
zobijobiboo: and my pectorials, in my satiny pink prom dress?
zobijobiboo: and obese denise, my supersexy prom date?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: lol
xXxDisTillEdxXx: umm'
zobijobiboo: geez you don't even remember
zobijobiboo: remember not, young jedi does??!$?@#?%@$
xXxDisTillEdxXx: who r u
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ?
zobijobiboo: the question IS, my good friend, who am i?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: yeah wut u said
zobijobiboo: the funniest thing happened. jesus came over to my house for dinner and i was like "see my journal you dirty dirty mexican!!!" and you know, you KNOW what the guy said to me?
zobijobiboo: I cleaned the living room....It took 2-3 hours!!
xXxDisTillEdxXx: oh
zobijobiboo: if i didn't have a shrimp penis in my ear, i would've sued him for slander and criminal mischief
zobijobiboo: that guy sure is a card
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ok
zobijobiboo: who am i you asked, young obiwan?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: yeah l
zobijobiboo: would you like my asl?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: umm sure
zobijobiboo: 69420....sex: yes!!!... location... bigdickcity!!!
xXxDisTillEdxXx: wow we kno all the kool words
zobijobiboo: yeah!! 69 and 420 are so extreme!!!
zobijobiboo: young jedi disrespects old jedi does he not?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: if it seems like im in a bad mood its cuz i got arrested today
zobijobiboo: for whatm young jedi?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: or hold on yesterday now
xXxDisTillEdxXx: public intox
xXxDisTillEdxXx: wut a bitch
zobijobiboo: ahhh.... young jedi just let me offer this piece of advice to you...
xXxDisTillEdxXx: ok
xXxDisTillEdxXx: buy american?
xXxDisTillEdxXx: lol
zobijobiboo: love the irrestible, desire to be irristiable desired
zobijobiboo: buy american
zobijobiboo: convert to chinese as soon as you turn 40
zobijobiboo: and never EVER put your man parts in a vice
zobijobiboo: you will go far in life with that
zobijobiboo: maybe even to community college
xXxDisTillEdxXx: yeah
xXxDisTillEdxXx: or u kno a long walk of a short cliff
xXxDisTillEdxXx: off
zobijobiboo: yeah a 50 yard dash in a 25 yard gym, like your MOMMA looks like she did!!!
zobijobiboo: LOL WTF OMG!
xXxDisTillEdxXx: yeah ummm

i'm zobi. these conversations make me really stressed out.

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
7:12 pm - NeWbIe
xdizasterpiecex Yo homies ;P
I'm new here muahah. Ermm.. If ya add me i'll add ya back. t00 start off my coming here, here's a lil convo of my friend n i haha. i'm xdizasterpiecex "feel free to IM me."

xDiZaStErPiecex: u go out with anyone?
him: nope
xDiZaStErPiecex: okie
him: y u ask?
xDiZaStErPiecex: just wondering .. u kno conversation purposes
him: ok
him: lol

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Friday, February 28th, 2003

him: auntie james is always available
me: that's what it said on the bathroom wall, at least


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Thursday, January 23rd, 2003
1:34 pm

her: i'm not worried. i'm quite aware of what a big mouth she has.
me: oh yes
her: damn, that's some really dumb drama.
her: what? are we all 13 again?
her: sheesh
me: hey, i just play in this sandbox
me: take your shit elsewhere

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Friday, October 25th, 2002
5:40 pm

Nicole: Bert and Ernie Juice?
Vaidah: yea
Vaidah: it is really good
Nicole: That sounds kinda pornographic.
Vaidah: it is berry juice
Vaidah: lol

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Monday, October 14th, 2002
10:10 pm

Vaidah: I wonder if John Burton would let us interview him
Nicole: LOL
Vaidah: probably
Nicole: "Why are you such a perv?"
Vaidah: dude. I so just busted out laughing
Vaidah: "Why do you hate punctuation?"
Nicole: LMAO
Nicole: "Punctuation is your friend!"
Vaidah: hehe
Nicole: "Hey, wait! Where are you going?"
Vaidah: "How come MDD is constantly down?"
Nicole: Thwapt.
Nicole: "Can we smack you with a wet noodle?
Vaidah: LMFAO
Nicole: “Do you consider that kinky?"
Nicole: LOL
Vaidah: dude
Nicole: *deep breath*
Vaidah: I can just see it now
Vaidah: Proffy would prolly give us an interview
Vaidah: we can ask him evasive questions
Vaidah: i don't think evasive was the word I meant to use
Nicole: "We know you really love porn!"
Nicole: "Oh, wait, that's not a question."
Nicole: lol
Vaidah: LMFAO
Vaidah: dude. that was bad
Vaidah: "come on proffy, everyone's doing it."
Nicole: "Would you toke up, if Jesus handed you his very own bong?"
Vaidah: eww
Nicole: I'm curious, damn it!
Vaidah: that is scary
Nicole: What, the question itself, or the fact that I'm curious about the answer?
Vaidah: the fact that you are curious about the answer
Nicole: Ah.
Nicole: He's weird.
Vaidah: extremely
Nicole: Which makes me wonder what he's like in person.

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Tuesday, October 8th, 2002
9:03 pm - Crack!

Amanda: damn MDD its down
Amanda: argh
Amanda: i thought they got that fixed
Nicole: What else is new?
Nicole: They continually say that they're "working on it." Sure.
Amanda: sounds like the run around answers we get from the school
Nicole: If "working on it" translates to smoking crack, then they're doing a great job.

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Saturday, October 5th, 2002
11:28 am

Nicole: Ew, the fly is still buzzin around here from yesterday.

Amanda: ick

Amanda: thats one thing the world could do w/o.

Nicole: Yes.

Nicole: That and cat puke.

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Thursday, October 3rd, 2002
6:01 pm - When you start talking about Byron, watch out!

I hope no one minds my multiple posts. I just am leafing through my log files, because I'm bored, and this community is a bit quiet. Hehe.

Nicole: Byron is so feminine looking.

Amanda: poor guy. what century was he?

Nicole: 18th.

Amanda: oh

Nicole: But then again, it kinda makes him look more intriguing.

Nicole: Check it out: http://www.sensibility.com/bookstore/images/byron.jpg

Amanda: i dunno. he kinda resembles elijah wood a bit. maybe its just me though

Nicole: That's an interesting thing.

Nicole: Considering I was just thinking to myself, he reminds me of someone.

Amanda: lol

Nicole: "Ooh, Lord Byron, he's dreamy!" LMAO

Amanda: lmao

Nicole: He had a clubfoot, too!

Amanda: i bet that was fun. esp during that time

Amanda: was he married?

Nicole: Yes.

Amanda: huh. maybe she was after his money

Amanda: :-P

Nicole: He seems like he was a real asshole though.

Nicole: He was a harsh critic of everyone's work of the time. Scholars now say of him that he had no ear for rhythm so his poems are flawed. Haha.

Amanda: y's that?

Amanda: aaah

Amanda: well, turnabout's fair play

Nicole: He told someone that John Keats' poetry was 'a sort of verbal masturbation.' and as for keats himself, he called him a 'miserable self-polluter.'

Nicole: Yeah, I bet Byron never yanked his own chain, no sir!

Amanda: the world is full of hypocrites. nice to know some things never change i guess

Nicole: Then again, why yank your own when you can get another guy to do it for you?

Nicole: There are rumours to the effect that he was a raging bisexual.

Amanda: the world may never know.

Nicole: That's why letters are the best. You can read all the sordid secrets, and all about their dirty little lives. Heh.

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5:55 pm - Talking books...

Nicole: I have to give credit to this one book. Even though it's not helping me as much I thought it would, the illustrations are pretty neat.

Amanda: yeah? good illustrations can help make up for the boringness of a book. that or they are a good distraction.

Nicole: The text isn't bad either. It's just that I don't have time to read the entire thing, so looking for the most important points is tiresome, as I have to keep flipping back and forth.

Amanda: yup

Amanda: esp if there's more than one book

Nicole: Yeah. I currently have three that I keep poring over, hoping something is going to stand up and wave, saying, "Psst! Over here! I'm the passage you're looking for!"

Amanda: *sigh* if it were only that easy

Nicole: Yeah, really. Though that would probably scare the hell outta me.

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12:37 pm

Manny: blah, blah...ya, ya, blah
decahertz: blah blah?
Manny: blah..blahbity, blah, blah
decahertz: blah!!!
Manny: blah?
decahertz: uh blah!
decahertz: bloo bloo blubba blah
Manny: blahblahblahblahblah........blahblahblahblah
decahertz: blah! blooga blogga blah!
decahertz: blah...?
Manny: blah!!!
Manny: ok...now that that's settled...

And we were sober while doing this...

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
9:02 am - ^_^

A friend of mine just joined so I joined I aim alot like uh 7-8 hours lol.

I like aime ^_^

Shae: oh dende think what woul happen if there was a female heero! -_-
Shae: haha i ate your face
me: Yah Duo would be flirting with her lol
me: O.o
me: wait there is a female Heero
me: not THIS AGAIN
me: yah u love it ^_~
me: Shae is a feamle Heero

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11:50 am - Hideyho

Yay I just joined this community.
I found it and I had to join.
here is my little contribution of funny chats of....SHTUFF

Me: *returns with hair brush in tow*
Kim: O.o
Me: im fighting a war against my hair band..
Me: and im not winning
Kim: lol
Kim: lol
Kim: O.o shae your scarying me
Me: im scarying myself

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
9:06 pm - Let's get married.

Hehe. From a conversation I had with a friend after he found out I played Magic: The Gathering.
Andrew: still can't believe you won't marry me
Andrew: :-P
Me: Not til after high school.
Andrew: hehe
Me: It'd be hard to get a date to prom while wearing a wedding band, ya know. ^~
Andrew: i'll drive back ;-)

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